2020 Milan, Italy

San Siro Park

San Siro must not disappear, but make its history the key to its future, becoming San Siro Park - Football planet, the largest football theme park in the world. An entertainment center around the new San Siro stadium that can become a tourist destination all year round, based on the values of football and without barriers of age, culture, and social background. The theme park will house a football museum, an e-sport center, a Legoland football area, the wax museum of great champions, a football hotel, a meeting center, and a panoramic revolving restaurant. There will also be further facilities such as commercial boulevards, public park and covered water park, infinity spa, rooftop open sport, and suspended jogging path.


Design: Joseph di Pasquale

Design team: Paolo Labbadini, Diana Ranghetti, Deniz bucan, Geovanny Riofrio