20152015 Milan, Italy

Pop Up Hotel

The construction of traditional hospitality structures in the occasion of big events has clearly proved uneconomical considering the demand at normal values right after the end of these events. The only possible response is then to think of temporary hotels that fulfill the accommodative function during the event, and that immediately after can be removed and reused elsewhere, possibly also with other functions.

The POP UP HOTEL will be a transportable, energy-efficient, versatile and re-usable mobile structure. It could become a revitalizing urban presence, a model of innovative temporary accommodation to overcome temporary accommodation demand problems and propose a new concept in the low-cost hotel industry as well as an anticipation of possible future ways of living.


Architecture: Joseph di Pasquale

Collaborators: Paola Sacchi, Carlo Caserini, Ginevra

Rendering: Aamir Patel, Abhay Kaushik