2008 Rodano (MI)

Hotel e housing

The project stems from the relationship with the road Rivoltana. The dynamic perception of the context reveals a region characterized by a wealth of suggestions of different types and strongly contrasted with each other. As in a rapid film montage looking out the window the background is the agricultural plain, the fields and the surfacing of springs. In this story, however, are woven strongest pieces of urban life, production facilities, micro fabrics residential foothills terminals or initials of the approaching city. The route preferred approach is from west to east from Linate airport. The strong presence of the Mondadori by Oscar Niemeyer in Segrate, with its high arches remain in the visual memory of those covering this stretch of road. The large and high arches although they are not visible for a few moments, immediately recall attention. They appear as a large graphic form for their strong chiaroscuro contrast and "iconic" strength of their shape. It is the iconic and dynamic relationship with the road that has suggested to us the shape of the tower. A sort of big band stuck in the ground ideally surrounding the axis of Rivoltana. The effect could be made more efficient by installing a sign on the south side to simulate the leak of the tape on the opposite side of the belt road. The effect will be further accentuated if the road were to be raised in this section. The entire construction is developed behind this great graphic that in its simplicity will be a symbol of iconic value. An architectural sign that reports the user to move as a big road sign, a huge directional display that dynamically goes back to the horizontal line of the land from which indeed seems to rise and spring.