2015 Milan province, Italy

Exogram House n.1

design Joseph di Pasquale
collaborators: Calo Caserini, Alessandro Tonassi, Matteo Ranghetti

This house is the first successful attempt to apply the exogram concept to a single family residential building. A common roof has been actually divided in two parts that correspond to parents and daughter's family apartments.
The composition of the two semi shields that result from this design process constitute the exogram of this architecture. The tridimensional tectonic logo that summarize the identity of the building.
This concept drags all the other choices: the material for the vertical and sloped part of the shields is the same just because they are part of the same lexical element. Furthermore the thickness of the shields is marked with a thick and dark colored metal coating in order to become the graphic structure of the architectural figuration.
All the rest of the architecture is just filling material, which changes its nature according with functional needs and with the surrounding contest. Thoward the uppers street the house is intro verse and close. On the opposite toward the private garden is transparent, glazed and allows the nature to visually become part of the interior space.