2009 Riccione (RN), Italy

Diamond Hotel

Space of the former Dolphinarium is located in an area of Riccione of extreme interest and particular value.
The area of the project has been interpreted as primarily directed towards the sea and the south. We have identified as a front for access the side on via Milano and as "service" face the one next to the north side.
The shape of the building process the theme of the bow window as suggested by the invitation and is born from the desire to give the best possible exposure to all rooms, both towards the sea and the sun.
The building has a frontage on the beachfront that is partly flat but gradually recedes to encourage exposure to the sun.
The bow windows protruding into the flat part, project in a pattern rule, when the facade inclines expose to the sun a diagonal edge and look like diamonds embedded on the oblique surface of the building.

Project Group
AM PROJECTS srl, Milan

Joseph di Pasquale
Alessandro Tonassi
Nazareno Cerquaglia
Stefania De Paola
Agnese Martinoli
Roberta Giulia Marzio

SIGGMA engineering, Milan

Europroject srl, Bergamo