2003 Dovera (Cremona - Italy)

Cosmetics factory

The aesthetic results of an industrial building in the first instance depends on the objectives that the client aims to achieve.
The exception represented by this building should not distract from the general average low quality of industrial buildings.
Overcoming the problem has meant going to the origins of the issue, understanding the underlying reasons for this phenomenon which has always been one of the causes of bad land use.
In addition to the advantages of a quality construction in its management and maintenance, the "return on image" that a well-built building exercises in respect of the outside world, but also towards its users, is also indisputable added value even if not precisely quantifiable.
In the specific case of the production unit of Dovera, the "return on image" to the outside does not occur against a consumer, but against the commercial brand.
Unlike the consumer this subject has as its purpose not just consumption, but production according to certain performance, quality and economic standards in pursuit of its objectives of quality and economic side of thediffusion of global commercial product.
This gives an additional feature of the idea of quality in an industrial building, and clarifies the category of "beauty" in the aesthetic industry in an absolute sense.