2016 Bergamo, Italy

Chorus Life

Joseph Pasquale with JDP architects designed CHORUSLIFE, a new format of urban regeneration proposed for the new master plan in the area of the former industrial compound OTE in Bergamo. "A low urban density plan with a high relational density," said Joseph Pasquale illustrating the project, where the real land value is the "capacity to generate social and intergenerational exchange." The multifunctional arena, shops, services, SPA medical sports center, rooftop gym and jogging trail are the main functions of the complex. Moreover 100 housing completes the complex promoting a new idea of ​​housing. A subscription fee for “residential services” that includes also energy, maintenance, entertainment content, food, and access to all services in the compound. The urban design has adopted the functions along the perimeter of the area, generating compact building facades to better link with the traditional city, but revealing in a highly innovative inner core, a fluid urban space, completely pedestrian, that avoids any physical and psychological barriers to the meeting and the social exchange and access to the functions and services of CHORUS LIFE.

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Architecture, Interior design: JDP ARCHITECTS (Joseph Di Pasquale, Paolo Labbadini, Diana Ranghetti, Carlo Caserini, Maria Accorsi, Ignacio Uribe, Anna Chistopolova, Paola Sacchi)

Rendering: LINRENDER

Model: ONE OFF

Video editing: Joseph di Pasquale