2010 Beijing, China

Cartoon Park

The functional program of the competition besides the opera house required large commercial spaces, a hotel and great shopping mall. The need to give the best visibility to commercial and hotel functions forced to place backward the theater which therefore would be not visible from the street.
But to keep a visual link between the theater and the road, a huge crack was opened in the front of the hotel building, alligned with the main axis of the theater behind.
The great street facade of the hotel opens as a huge red curtain which leads the people to pass from the urban scene of the city towards the stage fiction of melodrama and opera.
The main entrance to the theater is elevated to the level of the existing pedestrian bridge. The passage leads the flow of people from the road to the theater just through the big red crack. At the lower street level there is the driveway to the hotel lobby and to the theater itself.
On the east side of the theatre there is also an office building that looks to the street with a huge "whole facade screen", a technological gadget that evokes the memory of the scenes of "Blade Runner" where huge moving images were peojected into the urban scene of the living theater of the XXI century city.