2009 Shenzen, China

Bamboo Metro - Solar Housing

Project leader: Arch Joseph Pasquale, AM Project srl Milan Italy
Ma Jun, Zhang Hong Ge, Yi Ji Xuan, Peng Hui Fang, AM China
with Shen Zhen Institute of Building Research: Vice-general manager Mr. Pu Zeng Wen, Vice-chief architect Mr. Shen Chi, Project architect Mr Yang Wan Heng, Project Management Mr Zheng Zhi Yue

The project is an example of a building designed according to criteria of environmental sustainability.
The shape of the building is based on that of a dragon and meets both technical and functional needs of both environmental and aesthetic criteria.
The facades are tilted and facing south just because they receive hundreds of solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, to ensure energy self-sufficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.