2011-2014 Turate, Italy

Airplane Components Factory Headquarter


Progetto: Joseph di Pasquale.
collaboratori: Carlo Caserini, Stefano Valente, Paola Sacchi, Matteo Ranghetti
progettazione strutturale: Sebastiano Moioli
impianti meccanici - progettazione antincendio: Claudio Usubelli (Europroject srl)
impianti elettrici - controllo accessi: Carlo Broggi (Tecno Consulting srl)
sicurezza: Alberto Cicuttini (SAI progetti srl)
certificazione energetica: Umberto Corbellini (Studio Corbellini srl)

This project was born from the desire of the client who wanted to create a building that would go beyond the simple role of container of production activities, rising to the rank of real industrial architecture, capable of representing the role that manufacturing industry has in the context of human society as the only place where the processing of materials creates actual added value.
The factory is then conceived as the site responsible for the creation and distribution of wealth.
The facade of the office building is the element in which it materializes the awareness of this civic and irreplaceable role.
It's inspired by the feeling of firmness and solidity that the solid stone assumed in the form of Renaissance "bugnato" (ashlar), redesigned in a contemporary form that adds to the architecture the specific categories of modernity: dynamism and lightness.