2014-11-03 New York, USA

Lost in Globalization

Urban China Fourm
Columbia University New York
September 4th 2014

Joseph di Pasquale delivered the keynote “Lost in Globalization, Cultural Identity and New Chinese Global Cities” during the 1st Urban China Forum at Columbia University in New York City.
Joseph di Pasquale analyzed the relations between world financial growing and the huge extension of urban space in China in the last decades trying to answering to some key questions: Has the influence of the finance caused a too fast urbanization in China promoting a “ready to use” western stereotyped model of city?
Have this stereotype totally cancelled the archetypes of chinese urban tradition? Are chinese cities and citizens still preserving this archetypes in their collective memory and is this memory having a role in developing and shaping a new chinese identity of their urban spaces? And if so, how? And as designers what we can propose for the future?
Joseph di Pasquale talked about his experience of observation, studies and practice of urban design and architecture in China from 2008 and 2013.