Goodbye dear Friend !

Today a dear friend left us, the dearest: Dario Sacchi.
For everyone in the studio he was, is and will be a reference of great professionalism and humanity. He made of his life an extraordinary symphony of hard work, intelligence and deep friendship. He left in everyone who knew him and in us that we were close to him in the work a profound and joyful track. A memory of a person who actually has spent all his energy to help, encourage and make happy people around him. His profound optimism, his fighting spirit, his constant availability and his humanity were and will remain a guide and example to us all.
Joseph di Pasquale

If you want to say goodbye, you can do it Friday, June 11 at Casa Vidas from 2 pm to 6 pm at Casa Vidas via Ojetti 66 in Milan.
The funeral will be held on June 12 at 11presso the church of San Martino in Belloveso square in Milan.
To leave a message in mempry of Dario, please write to