2012-06-12 Guangzhou, China

GDPE Landmark Building topping ceremony

The architect Joseph Pasquale attended the ceremony for the completion of the structure of GDPE Landmark building that took place last Tuesday, June 12, in Canton. In addition to the chairman of GDPE Hogda Group and Mr. Zhou Yi Feng, was also the Consul General of Italy in Canton Benedetto Latteri.
The building is the headquarter of the Guangdong Plastic Exchange, the world largest trading centre for row plastic material.
Is 138 mt high for 33 storey and the central hole is 48 mt wide.
The building stands on the banks of the pearl river close to the bridge that links the city with the new south railway station. Therefore it plays the role of the main south gate of the city and the landmark for the biggest developing areas of south Guangzhou.
In January, is expected to close the yard.