2020-04-11 Quotidiano immobiliare

For a new dimension of living in the post Coronavirus city

Joseph di Pasquale investigates for Quotidiano Immobiliare on line  the possible evolutionary dynamics on the concept of urban living and structure that will occur as a result of the new housing behaviors that the Covid emergency is profoundly changing. The house will become the physical and digital terminal of most urban functions. This will transform the city, drastically reducing movements, urban transport and emissions, and strongly re-evaluating the relationships and the urban space of proximity. Functional, technological, managerial and generational integration and hybridization, new horizons and new models of profitability and management for housing services. Investing in this new housing model could be an opportunity to regenerate the urban, social and economic fabric of our country. To do this, first of all a civic mobilization of ideas and wills is needed: in financial world, in politics, in culture and in professionals, to put in place all the resources, courage, thought and skills necessary to respond to this historical call!