2011-09-28 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Architectural globalization vs Cultural sustainability

September 28th, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
"The globalitaristic architecture and "the culture of the Brand", must be fought with the opposite approach, starting from the network of proximities, from the cultural differences and similarities, from history and from traditions of the context."
This is the main message of the lecture "Architectural Globalitarism vs. Cultural Sustainability" that Joseph Di Pasquale gave at the School of Architecture of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
Also attending the meeting the director of the school of architecture, Prof. Roberto Segre, prof. Naylor Vilas Boas and the director of the Italian Institute of culture in Rio de Janeiro Prof. Roberto Piovano.
Joseph di Pasquale also suggest a way to practice a culturally sustainable approach in architectural design:
"This is not possible for the large company who sell a brand in architecture, but it is possible for small teams, and it is something that has nothing to do with industrialization but that has everything to do with art".