2011-2013 Guangzhou, China

Guanghzou Circle internet gallery

The architectural concept intends to design landmark building that will be immediately perceived as native Chinese Landmark Building using a closed and central structure instead of the usual western skyscrapers stereotype.
Therefore the architecture is fully defined, and iconic, very close to the chinese way of perceiving and understanding. It’s a sort of “urban logo” that works as a landmark in the same way that ideograms are used in the Chinese writing, instead of the alphabet.

The architectural concept is inspired by the strong iconic value of jade discs and numerological tradition of fengh shui. In particular, the double disc of jade ( bidisk ) is the royal symbol of ancient Chinese dynasty that reigned in this area around 2000 years ago . The building reflected in the water of the river creates exactly the same image: a double jade disc.
This figure also corresponds to the number 8 and infinity symbol that Chinese culture has a strong propitiatory value. Just remember how the date and time of the start of the Beijing Olympics was for the same reason fixed to 8:08 am of the ' 8-8-2008.

But the building is also a clear reference to the theme dear to the Italian Renaissance "quadratura del cerchio" (squaring the circle). The two circular facades in fact contain and support suspended groups of storeys that are actually "squaring" the perfect circumference of the facades in order to make the interior space orthogonal and habitable.

The 33 floors are grouped to create two rows of volumes blocks that appears from the side of the building and are progressively pushed out till an extreme 25 meters cantilever.
The main interior space is the exchange hall that is located just lower then the central hole of the building. This is the heart of the entire complex and of the entire company.


Joseph di Pasquale architect, (AM project, Milan)

Guang Dong Hong Da Xing Ye Group
Mr Zhou Yi Feng (CEO)
Mr Lu Xiao Qing (inernational relations)

Design team:
Alessandro Tonassi
Nazareno Cerquaglia
Ma Jun (John)
Zhang Hong Ge (Mary)
Ma Chong ( Mikeal )
Wang Ying (Vicky)
Yi Ji Xuan ( Evys )
Peng Hui Fang ( Migrate )
Cui Hong (Tracy)

Preliminary Structural concept:
SIGGMA engineering Milan, Giuseppe Muciaccia, Giovanni Muciaccia.
Politecnico di Milano, (wind gallery preliminary tests)

Local architects and Enginering:
SCUT, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou
prof Sun Yi Min
Architect Tao Liang , Architect Song Gang,
structures: prof. Wei Hong , prof. Fang Xiao Dan

Building site Engineer:
Wang Zhan Shan (Chief enginner of the owner)
Chen Jing Qian (vice- Chief enginner of the owner)

Construction companies:
Building company: Guang Dong Hong He Constrction Ltd
Steel structure company: Zhe Jiang Jing Gong Steel Structure Ltd
Facade company: Shen Zhen Rui Hua Constrction ltd
Interior company: Shen Zhen Jian Hong Da Constrction ltd